COVID-19 Policy

Updated 10.28.22

CML is committed to keeping museum visitors and staff as healthy as possible with a clean and safe facility.  We welcome and honor all of our guests’ choices regarding mask wearing.  As a private, nonprofit organization, we reserve the right to alter this policy as conditions warrant to best serve our constituencies:

  • CML uses nontoxic, hospital-grade cleaner to frequently clean all spaces. We also continue to employ UV light sanitizing wands and sanitizing air filtering systems. Health, safety, and prevention of all communicable diseases will always be a priority.
  • CML encourages frequent handwashing and sanitizing by all staff and guests.
  • Museum leaders will not tolerate anyone who harasses any visitor or staff member for either wearing, or not wearing, a face covering.  Visitors who behave in an aggressive or harassing manner will be asked to leave the premises. No refunds will be offered.