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Paving the way for change: 4 tips for effective change leadership

Change is a good opportunity for the ambitious entrepreneur. Yet new directions often fall short...
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10 tools to stay focused that are actually helpful

Multitasking, single-tasking or, now, 'simultasking'. It seems like 'tasking' changes with the...
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The power of personalities in the workplace

The people you work with are people you were just thrown together with. You don't know them; it...
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32 things you’re not expensing that you should be

66 percent of businesses fail in the first ten years because of bad financing. Many businesses...
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The busy manager's guide to modern HR

Contents: Introduction How and why you should automate HR processes The step-by-step guide to more...
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The real cost of paperwork - [Infographic]

Ever feel like all you do is shuffle paperwork from one pile to the next? We do these menial tasks...
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Here’s how agile working can work for the C-suite

Executives must be seen to be heard. They must watch the fingers typing and hear the rumbles of...
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How to tell if a company is good at business innovation or just good at PR

‘Business innovation’ has become more than a buzzword. It’s turned into a buzz-concept that...
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Purchase order faux pas: 7 mistakes employees make when submitting a purchase request

What was once a mild irritation has now caused the death of yet another stress ball. You’ve spotted...
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Buying from abroad: Will Brexit affect relationships with international suppliers?

Ah, the ‘B’ word. Whether you voted for it or against it, there’s no denying that Brexit has become...
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